Sell event tickets from your Wix site

A full featured ticketing system for Wix that makes managing ticket sales and event registration a breeze.

Need an easy way to sell tickets on Wix?

The Sell Tickets app is perfect for managing ticket sales and event registration.

No ticket fees

The Sell Tickets app doesn't charge any commission on ticket sales. You only pay the monthly fee as advertised on the Wix marketplace, and any payment processing fees. Plus a 7 day free trial.

Perfect fit for all events

You can run as many events as you like, and if you run recurring events then our "duplicate event" feature will make it easy to get all your events up and running.

Analytics and notifications

Get email notifications with every new order that comes in (this can also be turned off). View your sales analytics and tracking/affiliate links to see where sales are coming from.

Multiple ticket types

You can create as many ticket types as you need: General Admission, Early Birds, Concessions ... whatever you need. Each ticket can have it's own name, price, quantity and description.

Customise everything

You can customise the booking widget on your website, you can customise the booking form that people need to fill out to book, and you can customise the e-ticket email that your customers receive.

Easy, secure payments

The Sell Tickets app integrates with Stripe and PayPal so you can get paid immediately and securely for ticket sales. Your customers can pay for their tickets with their credit or debit cards.

Automatic ticket delivery

Don't worry about sending our ticket vouchers. With the Sell Tickets app, e-ticket emails are automatically sent out to your customers and feature a unique entry code and barcode.

Discount and voucher codes

Create promotional discount codes that customers can enter to get money off ticket sales. Use voucher codes for Groupon-type promotions, or gift cards.

Manage orders and check-in

You can manage all of your orders from your Wix dashboard. When it comes to your event you can print out a PDF doorlist or a spreadsheet of all your attendees and what tickets they have purchased.

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